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Take your Travel Tech Asia participation a step further and distinguish yourself from the competition through various Sponsorship opportunities. 

Sponsorship ranges from advertising media, special events, printed collaterals, online advertising to public relations. Look into the sponsorship brochure for more information.

Various Branding and Sponsorship opportunities allow you to elevate your trade show presence and meet specific business needs. Customised sponsorship opportunities are also available (e.g. luncheons, receptions etc.).

Sponsorship Packages
Sponsorship Opportunities


View the various Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities offered at Travel Tech Asia below. Contact our Sponsorship team at should you be interested in being a sponsor. Customised sponsorship & advertising opportunities available too.

Official Event Luncheon Host (Minimum of 150 pax)

Gain exclusive exposure and networking rights to attendees over lunch. Enhance your exposure with branding in the conference room, a short 3-minute corporate video showcase and a 10-minute speaking slot. Joint marketing with ITB Asia such as exclusive emailers to selected or all delegates will be provided.

*Exclusive of F&B Cost

Day 1 – Available

Day 2 – Available

Day 3 – Available

Official Evening Function/Cocktail (6pm – 9pm)

Leverage on the opportunity to enhance brand awareness at this highly appreciated networking function where attendees meet and network. This is a great chance to mingle and unwind with key stakeholders, especially buyers in a more casual setting. Sponsor has a choice of hosting the function at your preferred location.

Day 1 – Available

Day 2 – Available

Official Late Night Party (9.30pm – late night)

Enhance brand awareness and engagement in this fun-filled and well-received event. Sponsor has a choice of hosting the function at your preferred location.

*Exclusive of F&B Cost

Day 1 – Available

Day 2 – Available

Private Hosted Breakfast/Luncheon/Coffee Break
(Maximum 30-50 pax)

Host a private networking session with a more targeted group of attendees of your company’s interest. Enhance your exposure with branding in the conference room, a short 3-minute corporate video showcase and a 10-minute speaking slot. Take advantage of this elite sponsorship to organise an by-invitation-only session with key clients.

*Exclusive of F&B Cost
*Limited rooms available

Private Meeting Rooms

Thinking of hosting private meeting with key stakeholders? Limited meeting rooms are up for grabs.
*Inclusive of room rental cost and seating arrangement setup only
*Estimated capacity is 30 - 80 pax depending on room layout
*Limited rooms available

Workshops (2 hrs)

Opportunity for in-depth networking and interaction with attendees on workshops, training sessions, focus group, etc. Sponsors would have a choice to conduct RSVP to selected profiles to maximise ROI and address key target audiences.

Travel Technology Showcase

Showcase your company’s latest technologies and innovative solutions at Travel Tech Asia. Speaking presentations are to be 90% educational.
*Limited Slots Available

Delegate Bags

A tremendous promotional opportunity with great brand visibility and corporate branding. The delegate bags have an outreach of all attendees over 3 days of the show.

*Design approval to be agreed upon with organisers
*Exclusive of production costs


An excellent promotional opportunity with great visibility and branding awareness. The lanyard would be distributed to all attendees throughout the 3 days of the show.

*Design approval to be agreed upon with organisers

*Exclusive of production costs

Mobile Charging Kiosk

Enjoy endless visits and brand awareness at the highly appreciated mobile charging station that keep busy attendees charged and ready to go. The mobile charging station sponsorship entitles your company to play slide-shows, display advertisements/collaterals and back-wall branding within the location.

*Inclusive of production costs

Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi is a must for all business travellers. Enhance your company profile by exclusively branding ITB Asia's Wi-Fi Network.

Pocket Wi-Fi Network

Connect to the internet from multiple devices with a Pocket Wi-Fi device wherever you go. Enhance your company profile by exclusively branding ITB Asia’s Pocket Wi-Fi Network.

Water Bottle Branding

Stay hydrated and enhance brand awareness by providing the essential. Sponsors are entitled to disseminate customised water bottles to all attendees within the show floor.

*Exclusive of beverage and production costs

On-site Banners (Hanging)

Boost brand awareness or display a tailored message on these hanging banners located around the show floor.

Elevator Wall Branding 

Reach out to all attendees during the show and enhance brand awareness with the elevator wall branding across 3 days.

*Inclusive of production costs

In-hall Pillar Wraps

Draw traffic directly to your stand! Stand out from the crowd with our customised in-hall pillar wraps that cover 4 sides.

*Inclusive of production costs

Wall Branding

Increase your brand presence by showcasing your company’s advertisement at key networking areas (i.e. cafeteria).

Floor Stickers

Boost your brand presence with customised floor stickers for directional purposes or tailored messages.

*Price inclusive of 40 stickers
*Inclusive of production costs

Promoter Licensing Fee

Licensing fee for roving mascots & performers.

*Price excludes manpower

Mobile Application Banner

Increase brand visibility and drive traffic to your website. Banner artwork to be provided by sponsor.

*Limited slots available
*Banner includes one (01) hyperlink

Full Page Advertising: Back Cover

One full page advertising page on the back cover the printed show catalogue. Artwork to be provided by sponsor.

Premium Full Page Advertising: Inner Cover

One full page advertising page within the printed show catalogue. Artwork to be provided by sponsor.

Full Page Advertising: In-between Pages

One full page advertising page in the printed show catalogue. Artwork to be provided by sponsor.

Bookmark Insert: Within Show Catalogue

One two-sided bookmark to be inserted per show catalogue. Artwork to be provided by sponsor.

Dedicated Emailer

Dedicated emailer to targeted audience (e.g. buyers, exhibitors, trade visitors) or all registrants. HTML version to be provided by sponsor 10 working days prior to email blast.

*Limited slots available

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